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    Who should I bring with me to my appointment?

    We recommend bringing no more than 2 guests with you during your initial appointment. While wedding gown shopping is a fun and exciting experience, it can also be overwhelming and confusing. Having too many people offer their opinions can often confuse a bride and turn a fun experience into a stressful one. In the beginning, bring a close friend or a family member who knows you well to support you in finding the gown perfect for you.  If you end up with a handful of favorites and want to involve others we can make another appointment for you to come back.

    What if I need to bring a large group to my bridal appointment?  Can you accommodate?

    Our dressing area is small so we are limited in how much space we have for guests per dressing room.  Comfortably we can accommodate 2-3 guests per bride.  If you have more than that we recommend you scheduling an appointment during a weekday where we are not fully booked so we can spread out a little more.  Please inform us during your appointment booking so we can make preparations.

    How long is each bridal consultation?  What happens if I’m running late?

    We have found that an hour is sufficient time for our brides to browse through our selection and try on anywhere from 4-10 gowns.   If you feel you need more than an hour for your appointment, we recommend making it for a weekday when we are not fully booked so we can be more accommodating.  It’s recommended to arrive about 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment so you can check in and browse through the gowns before your consultant starts your appointment.  If you’re running late on a day that we are fully booked, we regrettably are not able to extend your appointment since another bride would be scheduled for that dressing room afterwards. But if you end up finding a few wedding gowns you love we would be more than happy to either reschedule you for another open time slot the same day or another day of your choice.

    What should I bring with me to my bridal appointment?

    You can bring a strapless bra with you so slipping in and out of gowns would be easier although it is not necessary.

    Can I bring in pictures of gowns I like to show my consultant?

    Definitely! But keep in mind that these images are normally edited and that models in the images are usually around 6' tall and wear a size 4 so it’s possible that the gowns may not look the same on you. You will definitely want to see yourself in the gown before you purchase it to ensure that it is everything you desire. You should also be aware that many designers sell gowns that are not advertised in the magazines and are not available online. Your Lotus Bridal consultant will be able to select gowns for you to try that will flatter your figure and match your style and budget requirements, even if it was not the exact gown in your picture.

    What sizes are your samples?

    Our samples range in size from a 6 to a size 16. The majority of our gowns are in sizes 10 and 12.  We do have a Curvy selection where it ranges from a size 18-24.  If the gown is too small or too big, we can usually clip you to give you a general idea of what the gown will look like in your size. Being that we are a bridal boutique and not a department store, it is impossible for us to stock every size and color. We try our best to offer a range of sizes and colors so that all of our brides can try on the gowns she desires. 

    What can I expect my appointment at Lotus Bridal to be like? 

    At the beginning of each appointment, a bridal consultant will have you fill out a customer information form so she can learn more about your wedding, budget and style preferences unless if you have previously filled out the registration form provided to you by email when the appointment was made. Appointments are generally one hour long and you are welcome to try on as many dresses as you like during that time frame. At the start of your appointment we welcome you to choose 3-4 dresses from our selection to start the appointment. As your consultant learns more about what you like and don’t like she will pull additional gowns for you to try on.  We usually recommend trying on no more than 6-8 gowns since trying on too many can confuse you and cause you to forget previous ones you've tried on.

    Am I allow to take pictures of me in the gowns?

    YES, you can! We do not impose a "no-picture" policy like other bridal salons as we understand that it is impossible to remember all the gowns you've tried on. It’s a great tool to help you narrow down on your favorites so that you can come back and try them on again.

    I tried on a few gowns that I liked in your store, how do I remember these in case I want to come back and try them on again?

    Your bridal consultant will write down your favorite styles on the customer information form you filled out at the beginning of your appointment. When you're ready to come back, we can look at your file and know exactly which dresses you tried on and comments you've made.

    I want to shop for my wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses on the same day. Do I need a separate appointment?

    Yes, you would need a separate appointment for your wedding gown and your bridesmaid dress consultation since they are on different floors. Make your appointment early so we can accommodate scheduling the appointments back to back.