Where should I make an appointment?  In your Brooklyn location or Long Island location?

Our Brooklyn location in the Sheepshead Bay area has been around since 2005.  We just opened a new location in Mineola, Long Island in Jan, 2017.  We suggest making an appointment at the salon that is closest to you.  Both locations carry entirely different wedding gown designers.  If there is a particular designer that you are interested in, please call or email either location to inquire whether that designer is carried there.  As for bridesmaids designers, some are available in both locations while others are only available in one location.  Please call or email us to inquire as well.  If you do not find a gown in the 1st location, we welcome you to make an appointment at the other location. Gowns in our Brooklyn location mostly range in price from $1000 - $2500 whereas in our Long Island location, gowns are priced from $1500 - $6000.  

When should I start shopping for my gown?

We recommend starting your wedding gown search no less than a year before your wedding.  Start by looking at different styles in magazines and online and envision what type of gown suits your personality.  Also set a budget on how much you want to spend on your wedding gown and account for the cost of alterations, taxes, veil, shoes and accessories to complete your look.  

Ideally setting up an appointment with Lotus Bridal about 9-12 months before your wedding will put you in an ideal time frame to order your gown.  Most designers have a production turnaround of 4-6 months and we recommend scheduling your gown to arrive about 3 months before your wedding so we have a buffer in case of delays as well as ample time for alterations.  

Can I still purchase a dress if my wedding date is soon?

Yes!  We carry an amazing collection of designers who has many of their gowns in stock in various sizes as well as some in production so that we can get an earlier ship date.  Also a few of our designers offer a rush delivery where we can receive the gown a few weeks earlier with a charge and sometimes we’re able to pull it from an existing order to be allocated to us.  If the gown you fall in love with in our store is not available by your wedding date, we can sometimes sell you our floor sample.

Where can I view the gowns you have in your store?

The best way to view our store's gown selection is right here on www.LotusBridal.com. We have most of the styles displayed on the website in either the Brooklyn or Long Island location.  If there are particular styles you are interested in, please inquire where the dress is located during your appointment booking.  Our 2 stores have different dresses available to try on.    

Do I need to schedule an appointment or can I just walk in?

At Lotus Bridal, we pride ourselves in providing personal attention to all of our brides and as a result, we do not permit self-service when trying on gowns. Every future bride is assigned a bridal consultant that will focus on her needs. We always try to accommodate walk-ins but appointments are always given priority. With an appointment, either a consultant is waiting for you or you will automatically be "next up". Appointments are highly recommended on weekends and late nights as those times tend to be the busiest. You are welcome to come to the store anytime and browse our selection of gowns but without an appointment, we can't guarantee that you will receive the level of service that you deserve or have a dressing room available for you to try on the gowns.

How do I find out first about events or new inventory at Lotus Bridal?

Whenever we have an exciting event, news or new gowns that arrive we post them on Facebook. The easiest way is to add us as a friend on Facebook so whenever something new happens you’ll be the first to know on your news feed!