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    When do I need to order my gown?

    Each designer has a different lead-time for production of your order. We will work with you to determine order and delivery deadlines for items you have selected. We generally recommend ordering your gown at least 6-9 months before your wedding. It typically takes about 4-6 months from the time of ordering for your gown to come in. Gowns with custom changes may take longer. You will want to leave 2-3 months of buffer time for alterations and possible shipping delays. 

    Does it take as long to order bridesmaid dresses?

    It does not take as long to order bridesmaid dresses but because they are also made to order, we generally advise ordering them 4-6 months before your wedding. Please keep in mind that it might be difficult to coordinate all the bridesmaids to place their orders in a timely matter, especially if you have a large party. Starting the process early will ensure that by the time the last bridesmaid's order is receive, there is still sufficient time for the dresses to come in. Please note that bridesmaid orders are placed at the same time so that the dresses are cut from the same roll of fabric, thus preventing dye lot variations. 

    How do I know what size to order?

    Our experienced consultants will take your measurements to ensure that your gown will be ordered in the size closest to your measurements. Often, your measurements will fall in between sizes and your approval will be required before we determine what size to order. Although the collections we offer are made to order, they are not custom-made. Therefore, alterations may be necessary to ensure the perfect fit. As a result, we usually advise ordering the larger size as the gown can always be taken in. Please note that different designers have different measurement charts so it is possible to be a size 8 in one brand and a size 10 in another. In addition, bridal sizes tend to run small so don't be alarmed when your bridal size is not the same as your clothing size.

    Will my wedding dress come in my length?

    Most wedding dresses are designed for a 5'7" girl with 3" heels. If you do not fall in this category, you will need to order the gown to your height. Most designers charge $100 for this service. However, most girls are not sure what shoes or height they will be wearing for their wedding in which case, they can order their dress in regular length and have the seamstress hem the gown when it comes in. 

    What if I gain weight/lose weight and the gown is too big/too small when it comes in?

    As mentioned above, we can only recommend what size to order based on your measurements at the time of ordering. We are not responsible for any fluctuations in weight (including pregnancy) resulting in the dress not fitting. However, we will work with you and our professional seamstresses for any possible solutions. It is not unusual for our seamstress to take in 3-4 sizes or let out 1-2 sizes. 

    How much deposit do I need to leave to order a gown?

    We require a minimum of 50% deposit for all bridal gown orders and 75% deposit on all bridesmaid dress orders. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, debit, cash, or check. Checks are not accepted for final payments.

    What is your return/exchange policy?

    Due to the special nature of our business, any orders that have been placed cannot be cancelled after 24 hours. we understand that special circumstances do arise and we will do our best to offer as many options as we can should you need to cancel your order. However, deposits are non-refundable.