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    Does Lotus Bridal have an alterations department? Do I need them and are they an additional cost?

    Yes, Lotus Bridal does offer an alterations department that operates independently and fittings are performed on premises.  Our team of seamstresses come with an extensive background of bridal alterations experience and has all worked for notable bridal houses.  Alterations are commonly needed since gowns are meant to form fit your exact proportions and height but most designers only offer their gown in specific sizes.  We order the size closest to your measurements at the time of your order so alterations are necessary to obtain the perfect fit.  They are an additional cost but our seamstresses charge very competitive rates.  They offer a cap price on basic alterations which include taking in the side seams, hemming, bustle and steaming.  If you do not need the basic alterations they also offer a la carte pricing.  The price depends on what you need done and the complexity of the job.

    Do I have to use the seamstress at Lotus Bridal?

    No, you are not obligated to use our seamstresses and are welcomed to bring your gown to a seamstress of your choice. Due to the complexity of the construction and beading of wedding gowns, we highly recommend you use a seasoned seamstress who specializes in these gowns.

    What are the next steps after I have been contacting that my wedding gown is in?

    Once you receive a call from us notifying you that your gown has arrived, the next step is to set up an appointment to come to the store and try on your gown. We would like you to come as soon as possible to ensure that your gown is exactly what you ordered and to assess what alterations are needed. This appointment is also a great time to pick out accessories like your veil and tiara, as well as any jewelry and the shoe height you want to wear with your dress. During this appointment, we can also set up your first alterations appointment if you choose to us our seamstress. If your wedding is more than 3 months away, we do require that your gown be picked up within 1 month of the date you come in to try it on. We are not allowed to store gowns for long periods of time due to liability issues.  Balances must be paid in full during this appointment.

    When should I schedule my first fitting with the seamstress?

    We generally schedule your first fitting with the seamstress about 1 ½ to 2 months before your wedding.  This allows enough time to have a 2nd fitting and, if needed, a 3rd fitting before your wedding.  During high peak months, between May through September, it is recommended you make the appointment as early as possible to get the date of your choice.  Our weekend appointments are usually the first to get booked up.

    How many fittings are there?

    There are generally 2-3 fittings depending on how much work is done on the gown.  Make sure your weight is stable by the time you come in for your first fitting since we want to minimize the amount of times your gown is touched.  Complex jobs such as building up and creating jackets will usually require at least 3 fittings.

    What should I bring to the first fitting?

    You should bring the shoes and any undergarments, like a corset or shapewear, you will be wearing on your wedding day. If you choose not to wear a bra or corset you can opt to have bra cups built in. It is very important to bring the shoes you're wearing on your wedding day so that the seamstress can hem your gown to the proper length.

    What should I expect at the first fitting?

    Your seamstress will pin you where adjustments are needed. At that point, you can see how the dress will look like closer to your size. She will discuss options with you such as how you want to bustle your train, how poofy you want your dress and whether or not you want built-in cups. The first fitting usually takes anywhere from half and hour to an hour.

    When is the 2nd fitting and what should I expect?

    The 2nd fitting is usually about 2-3 weeks after the 1st fitting. If alterations were not extensive you can usually pick up your gown during the 2nd fitting. If additional alterations are needed, your 3rd fitting will generally take place in 2 weeks as long as your wedding date allows it.